4 Growth Tips You Can’t Afford To Ignore


“Advertising is the price you pay for being boring.” – Andy Sernovitz

As a marketing professional, I can always feel the level of disappointment from enquiring entrepreneurs and business managers looking for the best ‘marketing trick’ to improve their businesses. The reality: there are no tricks to gaining fans of your product or service. Attention to detail and the execution of these details is what makes a business see growth.

Top 4 Tips Companies MUST Embrace for Sustained Positive Growth: 

1. Look a Million Dollars. If you’re in business to win, you have no choice to ensure that your company branding looks more professional than your competition. You don’t have to spend millions to get there, but no detail is too small to ensure you look the part.

2. Leverage Word of Mouth (WOM) - Steve Jobs has been given credit for a lot of things but he’s not been given enough credit for completely transforming the power of word of mouth marketing. Prior to the launch of  the smartphone in 2008, word of mouth never had a vehicle to travel. Today, every customer who walks through our doors has the power to effect our business’ bottom line… either positively or negatively by a few simple keystrokes!


3. Deliver Great Service – What do you think empowers word of mouth? The answer is service and it goes both ways. Great service spreads virally. Bad service spreads even more virally. To leverage word of mouth requires more attention to the customer experience.

4. Have a Great Culture – How motivated are people to give good service if they’re treated like garbage at the workplace? Many business managers treat their staff as instruments to profit. This managerial approach fails EVERY TIME and will not sustain the delivery of good service.


The Pure Cycle of Great Marketing:



The Forbes list of Best Places to Work in America aren’t on the list because of the perks they give their employees. Perks help, but it’s how people are made to feel about their company experience which translates to the customer experience which translates to higher profits.


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James La Barrie is passionate about marketing and changing a company's service culture. Originally from the Caribbean island of Antigua, James melds his approach of marketing and delivering elite service together as one. James has injected his 'service marketing' approach throughout his career to transform companies from good to great.


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