Tired of Terrible Service…I Hired a New Bank

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I haven’t looked back. Not once. I haven’t cried… not a tear.  I’ve learned there are others out there that want to treat me well and actually value me as a customer. No fees, low interest rates and the best news… great customer service.  No longer do I feel privileged to keep my money with the big guy on the Charlotte block. Instead I feel like a VIP every time I walk into my branch.

“Welcome to Family Trust, Mr. La Barrie.” The first time I heard that, I stopped in my tracks. They knew my name. I was shocked. They remembered my name. I don’t come into the branch often…once a month at the most, but associate Andrew Levi didn’t even hesitate when he saw me walk in. “How can I help you Mr. La Barrie?”

I don’t want to make a big deal about someone knowing my name, but who does this anymore? I thought this kind of service was a thing of the past before everything became so corporate.

The service at my local credit union (the Fort Mill, South Carolina branch) has been so consistently strong, I asked to meet with the manager, Nikki Blanco. I learned what I figured to be true… this company has the blueprint that other GREAT companies have when excelling in service.

The Family Trust team at my local branch.

The Family Trust team at my local branch.

The 5 C’s of a Great Company

1. Culture - There is an emphasis placed on ensuring that the employees of Family Trust are happy. Happy employees results in delivering good GREAT service.

2. Core Values - The Core Values are the baseline for answering all questions within the organization. The answer to any question must be consistent with the core values of the company.

The Seven Family Trust Core Values

  • Excellence in everything we do
  • Highest reputation for ethics and integrity
  • Participation promotes ownership
  • Caring for our employees will result in employees caring for members
  • Investing in the success of others will assure our own success
  • Fanatic discipline is our approach to achieving great things
  • We are totally committed to fulfilling the “mission” of Family Trust with a real sense of urgency and passion

3. Customer Service - A concerted effort is being made with management and staff to ensure customer service is always at a high standard.

4. Cleanliness - The branches feel modern, bright, spacious, well-lit with natural light and are extremely clean. Thought has been placed into the customer experience.

5. Convenience - Making things convenient for the customer is evident with continuous updates to the smartphone app, online banking, multiple lanes for drive-thru banking and two drive-thru ATM’s.

The best part about Family Trust is their financial services mirror the greatness of their customer service. Last year, I had an auto loan with them at an incredible rate (lower than any other financial institution in the area). Currently, I have no fees on either my checking or savings…regardless of the balance I carry in each account. My credit card has a the lowest APR of any of the five credit cards I carry. So, why doesn’t everyone use a credit union again?

In my study of companies that deliver amazing service, the standard is always set from the top. From the research I’ve done about CEO Lee Gardner, it appears that he has led and continues to lead the company in the right direction by being authentic. Family Trust weathered the financial storm of 2009 to present day in a way that few others could… with great success.

Lee Gardner

Family Trust CEO, Lee Gardner

“The mission of Family Trust is to help people achieve financial success.”

Congratulations to the Family Trust team and CEO!  You’ve earned my loyalty and trust by doing what others are able to do: making it personal once again.

Snapshot: Family Trust Credit Union

CEO/President Lee Gardner
Members 44,904
Full-Time Employees 107
Part-Time Employees 32
Number of Branch Offices 7
Year Opened 1957

Information provided by USACreditUnions.com

 Excellence Built on T.R.U.S.T.

Take Ownership

The Service Motto: Service Excellence Built on T.R.U.S.T.

The Service Motto: Service Excellence Built on T.R.U.S.T.

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