Hello World! My Name is James. It’s Nice to Meet You!

Beyond Marketing

Hello World! My name is James La Barrie, founder of Beyond Marketing. So here we are….a new startup with our own corner office on the web. So who am I and why should you care?

To begin with, Beyond Marketing is different than most marketing companies. Our approach goes back to that age old expression that will never lose relevance. We believe in treating others the way we would wish to be treated. Instead of this being a philosophy practiced in our personal relationships, we think businesses should adopt this with their customers too. No company is successful without customers, so how do we lose sight of treating them well?

There is so much ‘noise’ in our environment today that it becomes difficult to differentiate what is genuine and what is not. Every company looks to build market share and not just survive, but thrive. For many businesses, the pursuit of this almost seems mystical. There is a belief that there is a ‘magical’ marketing plan that will gain market share. It’s just not true. 99% of companies also look to stand out from the competition with many believing that a slick advertising campaign will accomplish that. This is false. No amount of money spent on advertising will see a positive return if we don’t know how to treat our customers as people with needs and wants.

The philosophy of Beyond Marketing is to amaze the customer. If a customer can leave a business excited about a company’s product or service then that company will begin to stand out from their competition. That customer will become a marketing mouthpiece and a champion for your business. Word spreads like wildfire with applications like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Yelp, TripAdvisor and many, many more platforms. Never has there been a time when word of mouth marketing was so powerful – both positively and negatively.

We believe in dreaming and dreaming big. We believe that a company focused on its customers first and the bottom line second will allow the bottom line to take care of itself. Treat people better than how they would wish to be treated is the starting point of a great marketing plan. Let the word spread, gain a positive reputation and then develop a marketing plan that exposes your company to more and more people. There is no magic trick to this marketing….it’s about people and how you treat them.

Thank you for reading our first blog post…..we’re excited to be here!

About James

James La Barrie is passionate about marketing and changing a company's service culture. Originally from the Caribbean island of Antigua, James melds his approach of marketing and delivering elite service together as one. James has injected his 'service marketing' approach throughout his career to transform companies from good to great.


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